USS Dorado (SS-248)...

USSVI Dorado Base and the Dry Docked Dolphins chapter of the US Submarine Veterans of WWII invite relatives and other interested parties to the rededication of the Wichita USS Dorado Memorial on Sunday, October 11, 2009. We will start at 1:00 PM Central time. Please contact Bob Fugit at for additional information.

The Lost U.S.S Dorado (SS-248) (PDF)

Accident Topples Memorial in Veterans Park (PDF)
"Thanks to Susan Calbeck, Wichita, KS, for bringing this to our attention." (7/28/09)

The US Sub Vets of WWII, Dry Docked Dolphins Chapter (Kansas) and the USSVI Dorado Base are currently on track to have the broken memorial replaced in time for our annual Tolling of the Boats on October 11, 2009. Bob Fugit Acting Base Commander Dorado Base, USSVI (8-25-09)

Dorado Final Report (PDF)
"More than 35 years, since the early 1970s, have been spent researching the loss and whereabouts of DORADO. Her history is sometimes mysterious, sometimes comical, and raises still more questions today than those brought out by the Naval investigations some 50 years ago. The 4-and-1/2 month history of DORADO does not end with its disappearance; our research also traces our attempts to search for the wreckage."

Photo of DORADO officer LTJG George Torborg Hollrock (left) with his brother Richard in the Army Air Corps uniform. Richard flew 36 missions as a B-24 pilot with the 455th Bombing Group, 740th Squadron based in Italy. Photo submitted by Ardelle Hollrock, Richard's daughter. She states in her accompanying letter: "I want to thank you for all that you are doing. Even if you are unable to find the submarine, it is nice to know that someone cares enough to be looking for it. I've always heard stories about how depressed my grandparents were after the accident (my grandmother never played the piano again). I think having some closure (knowing what happened) will be really helpful for my father."

Thanks for Ric Hedman of and Michael Mohl of for identifying this as the USS DORADO (SS-248). Based on the angle of the bridge in the background of another DORADO fitting-out photo (above), knowledge of where the North and South yards were and what subs were at each and when, knowledge of the other submarine in the photo, etc., it could only be DORADO being fitted out in this photo. Besides the fuzzier photos of DORADO at sea during sea trials, this is the only photo showing the full length of DORADO that is known to exist. Certainly none, other than the other fitting-out photo, are as detailed. Final determination was made on 30 November 2008."





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