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Personal Letters/Correspondence of Note

1. Letters (4) dtd 1985-86 from family members of those lost on DORADO, asking for additional information if any becomes available. One letter said she was told that DORADO was lost in the Caribbean due to enemy action (U-boat).

2. Don Wheeler’s first letter to me dated September 8, 1987, introducing himself, and asking that I find his dear friend, John Thonen, also stationed on DORADO.

3. Ltr from Don Wheeler dtd Sept. 14, 1987, giving me additional information on John Thonen.

4. Ltr from Don Wheeler dtd Dec. 23, 1987, giving me additional info on John Thonen and a map on how to get to his house in Florida.

5. Ltr from Don Wheeler dtd 26 April 1988 on which he wrote comments on my letter, questioning some facts, asking how I knew other facts, and mailed it back to me.

6. Ltr from Mrs. George (Ida) Kapp dtd May 23, 1988, securing the last piece of info I needed on finding John Thonen. Turned everything over to Don Wheeler.

7. Ltr from John Thonen dtd June 4, 1988, claiming he did not sail with DORADO but had become ill and was medically discharged from Navy.

8. Postcard dated 19 July 1989 from Don Wheeler asking status of research.

9. Ltr from Don Wheeler dtd March 27, 1990 discussing John Thonen.

10. Ltr from Don Wheeler dtd April 2, 1990 discussing DORADO shakedown cruises.

11. Ltr from Don Wheeler dtd mid-August 1992; enclosed a card that announced that his wife had passed away August 2, 1992.

12. Taped (voice only) Interview of Bob Leesman (July/August 1992). Bob was present at the launching of DORADO. Interviewer was Bob Woll.





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