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Inventory of Collected Items Concerning DORADO

1. Declassified English Translation of U-Boat 214 logbook which logged entries on time, lat, long, sky and sea conditions, of seeing light [parachute flare dropped by PBM after 1st attack on submarine] and being attacked once by an airplane [the 2nd submarine attack mentioned by the PBM crew].

2. Declassified Transcript of the Board of Investigation held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, 15 October 1943.

3. CCSF message to Naval Operating Base (NOB) Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (GTMO) and other addressees dtd 061901 Oct.

4. Commander-in-Chief (COMINCH) message to All Communities Interested in Submarine Reports (ALL COMS INT SUB REPORTS) dtd 071623 Oct.

5. COMINCH message to ALL COMS Concerning (CONC) SUB REPORTS dtd 091614 Oct.

6. COMINCH message to ALL COMS CONC SUB REPORTS dtd 101654 Oct.

7. COMINCH message to ALL COMS CONC SUB REPORTS dtd 121604 Oct.

8. Regional District Office (RDO) WASHINGTON message to ALL COMS CONC SUB MOVE dtd 131621 Oct.

9. Plot on Hydrographic Chart #1290.

10. AIR ESCORT MISSION Sheet for Plane 210-P-9.

11. Plot of mission of Plane 210-P-9.

12. Ships Sighting Report by 210-P-9.

13. COMINCH message to NOB GTMO and other addressees, 110653 Oct.

14. COMINCH message to NOB GTMO and other addressees, 130653 Oct.

15. Log of messagees relating to submarine attack, 2040Q/12 of October.

16. Log of messagees and other papers relating to the movements of GAT-92 convoy.

17. NOB GTMO message to Carrier Task Unit (CTU) 04.1.1 and DORADO 121450 October.

18. Plot of course and position of Plane 210-P-9 and submarine.

19. Plot of flight of Plane 210-P-9 giving position of attack.

20. NOB GTMO message 152007 October to CAFAC and CCSF.

21. CAFAC message 160508 October to NOB GTMO and CCSF.

22. NOB GTMO message 171515 October to Commander, Submarines, Atlantic Fleet (COMSUBLANT) and others.

23. SUBLANT message 171942 October to NOB GTMO and others.

24. 25CCSF message 151445 October to NOB TRINIDAD and NOB GTMO.

25. NOB TRINIDAD message 162232 October to NOB GTMO and CCSF.

26. NOB TRINIDAD message 162242 October to NOB GTMO and CCSF.

27. Report of Operations, USS PC-1251 (Patrol Craft) on night of October 12-13, 1943.

28. Certification of Radio Log Sheets.

29. Radio Log Sheets of PC-1251 on October 12-13, 1943.

30. Position and courses of PC-1251 on the night of October 12-13, 1943.

31. NOB GTMO message 162017 October to COMSUBLANT.

32. COMSUBLANT message 170112 October to NOB GTMO.

33. COMSUBLANT speedletter S85/01379 of 16 October 1943, to Commandant, NOB Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

34. Supplemental plot of contact, attack, second contact, and Search Plan of Plan 210-P-9.

35. Extracts of Navy Radio Guantanamo Log covering transmission of NOB GTMO message 121450 October.

36. NOB GTMO message 182031 October to COMSUBLANT.

37. COMSUBLANT message 190024 October to NOB GTMO.

38. NOB GTMO message 191430 October to CCSF and others.

39. CCSF message 192035 October to NOB GTMO and others.

40. NOB BERMUDA message 192245 October to NOB GTMO and others.

41. CCSF message 191610 October to NOB GTMO and others.

42. ASW-6 Report of Submarine attack by Aircraft.

43. NOB GTMO message 201400 October to COMSUBLANT.

44. COMSUBLANT speedletter S1/01399 dated 21 October 1943, to Commandant, NOB Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

45. NOB GTMO message 240145 October to Merchant Ship JAN VAN BRAKEL and others.

46. CCSF message 241439 October to NOB GTMO and others.

47. GTMO AERO message 130150 October to Plane 210-P-9.

48. GTMO AERO message 130240 October to Plane 210-P-9.

49. Radio Log of Plane 210-P-9 covering her mission on October 12-13, 1943.

50. JAN VAN BRAKEL message 242305 to NOB GTMO and others.

51. 2-page Information Sheet on DORADO compiled by Elaine Lewis on 29 October 1958, National Archives.

52. Information on United States Submarine Veterans of World War II as found in 1987 edition of "Encyclopedia of Associations," page 1606.

53. Copies of DORADO information from various Government forms (5 pages) from U.S. Navy Historical Center, Washington Navy Yard, Washington, D.C.

54. Three Pages from "United States Submarine Losses: World War II," published by Naval History Division of the office of the Chief of Naval Operations, Washington, D.C., 1963. First page lists all the crew who died, 2nd page is short article on loss with pix of Commanding Officer and a pix of Chief Radioman "E.G.V."

55. Declassified "Report of Antisubmarine Action by Aircraft" written by PBM Pilot.; 13 pages.

56. "Short History of the GATO-Class Submarine," author unknown.

57. Declassified Transcript of the Court of Inquiry held at the Washington Navy Yard, Washington, D.C., 23 October 1943.

58. Copies of the Logbook Entries from DORADO’s log -- Saturday, 28 August 1943 to Tuesday, 31 August 19

43. Logbook listing found on page 85 of "List of Logbooks of U.S. Navy Ships, Stations and Miscellaneous Units, 1801-1947" compiled by National Archives and published in 1978.

59. CTF 25 message 041914, Submarine Notice imposing bombing and attack restrictions for USS DORADO

60. CTF 25 message 062021 reporting QJ's held by USS DORADO on departure.

61. Radio Washington message 092125, shifting FOX schedule of USS DORADO

62. NOB GTMO message 130111, reporting sub sighted.

63. HNMS JAN VAN BRAKEL message 130115, reporting sub contact by covering plane.

64. CominCh message 130234, telling NOB GTMO that sub sighting reported in his 130111 may be USS DORADO.

65. NOB GTMO message 130322, reporting plane attack on submarine.

66. Administative Commander of Submarine Squadron 3 (AdminComSubRon 3) message 130520 stating plane violated USS DORADO sub notice.

67. HNMS JAN VAN BRAKEL message 130620, reporting PC-1251 remaining in attack area.

68. CominCh message 130653, reporting U-boat position by DF.

69. CominCh message 130730, reporting sub position by DF bearings intercepted.

70. ComSubsPac message 130956 to ComSubRon 3, requesting issuance operation order to USS DORADO to Pearl Harbor.

71. ComSubLant message 131403, asking USS DORADO if she was attacked and subsequently challenged by plane.

72. NOB GTMO message 131430 to CominCh, reporting circumstances of attack on sub at 0400Z on 13 October.

73. NOB GTMO message 142115, reporting possible periscope attacked at 142020Z.

74. ComSubRon 3 message 142325, reporting USS DORADO considered overdue NOB GTMO message 150337, amplifying description of periscope attack from above text.

75. Commander, Panama Sea Frontier (ComPanSeaFron) message 151604, reporting two separate sub sightings at 151400 Z.

76. ComSubLant message 151611, requesting info of NOB GTMO regarding plane.

77. Commander, Gulf of Mexico Sea Frontier (ComGulfSeaFron) message 160456, amplifying report of sub sighted at 151405 Z in Lat. 12-21 N 78-50 W.

78. MtdComPanSeaFron message 161605, summarizing events subsequent to report made in his message 151604.

79. ComSubsLant message 162159 to CinCLant, reporting USS DORADO two days overdue arrival Canal Zone.

80. ComCaribSeaFron message 162255 to CominCh, reporting formal investigation in progress at NOB GTMO

81. NOB GTMO message 170136, amplifying report made in his 150337

82. NOB GTMO message 171515 to ComSubsLant requesting all reports received from USS DORADO after departure.

83. ComPanSeaFron message 171701, amplifying report contained in his161605, (Two submarine sightings reported at 151400Z now otherwise evaluated).

84. ComSubsLant message 171942 to NOB GTMO reporting no transmissions from USS DORADO after departure New London.

85. ComCaribSeaFron message 181701, directing air and surface daylight search for USS DORADO within boundaries Caribbean Sea Frontier.

86. CominCh sub notices on USS DORADO and sub estimates for 11, 12, 13 and 14 October.

87. NOB GTMO message 191430, requesting information whether USS DORADO was sighted during passage through sea frontiers.

88. ComCaribSeaFron message 182105 ordering NOB GTMO to report direct to CominCh on areas searched since attack on sub on 12 October

89. NOB GTMO, Airmailgram 162116, furnishing ComSubsLant with information on submarine attack.

90. ComCaribSeaFron message 191610, reporting negative to NOB GTMO 191430.

91. NOB GTMO message 191603 to CominCh reporting negative results on air and surface search for sub.

92. NOB GTMO message 200318, reporting to ComCaribSeaFron negative results of air search; surface search not completed.

93. NOB Bermuda message 192245 to NOB GTMO 191430, reporting negative.

94. ComSubsLant message 201851 to CinCLant reporting USS DORADO 6 days overdue and presumed lost.

95. NOB GTMO message 211536 to ComCaribSeaFron reporting negative results for air search except for small areas south of Jamaica.

96. NOB GTMO message 230125 to ComCaribSeaFron reporting air and sea search completed, results negative.

97. ComCaribSeaFron message 221259 to CominCh reporting thorough search completed, results negative.

98. ComPanSeaFron message 231822 to CominCh reporting completion exhaustive search, results negative

99. CominCh message 241909, announcing convening of court to inquire into disappearance of USS DORADO.

100. CominCh message 251912 to Commander, Eastern Caribbean Sea Frontier (ComEasSeaFron) requesting whether reply was made to NOB GTMO 191430.

101. ComEasSeaFron message 251940 to CominCh referring to his message 192035 reporting to NOB GTMO negative.

102. Carrier Task Force 25 (CTF 25) Operation Plan 1-43.

103. Compilation of all attacks by friendly forces on submarines enroute covered by bombing restrictions or operating in a submarine sanctuary, prepared by Operations Officer, Commander Submarine Atlantic Fleet.

104. Certified copy Radio Log Balboa from 0000 Z 11 October to 2400 Z 14 October 1943.

105. ComSubsLant message 110021 to USS DORADO and USS REDFIN reporting information of enemy mines laid east of Panama Canal.

106. CominCh 111410 to all commands Atlantic area interested in submarine position reports summarizing estimates of enemy submarine positions.

107. ComSubsLant 112044 Bulletin #2 to USS DORADO and USS REDFIN reporting on enemy submarine estimated in their area.

108. ComCaribSeaFron 111543 reporting estimated 2000 Zed position of convoys in Caribbean Sea Frontier.

109. NOB GTMO 121450 to JAN VAN BRAKEL and USS DORADO reporting their respective estimated 130200 ZEBRA positions

110. ComSubsLant Bulletin #3 to USS DORADO and USS REDFIN giving information of enemy mines laid off the Canal.

111. ComSubsLant Bulletin #4 to USS DORADO and USS REDFIN giving certain information of a sweeping operation off the Panama Canal.

112. ComCaribSeaFron 121557 to all commands concerned with enemy movements in Caribbean Sea Frontier giving estimated 2000 Zed positions of convoys in his Frontier.

113. ComPanSeaFron 131701 addressed to USS REDFIN giving instructions for entering Cristobal.

114. Message from CTF 25 stating his OpPlan 2-43 effective 0001 October 15th.

115. ComPanSeaFron 131702 to USS DORADO regarding a rendezvous and instructions for USS DORADO to meet an SC for escort into the Canal.

116. ComCaribSeaFron 131825 to all commands concerned with convoy movements Caribbean Sea Frontier, giving estimated 2000 Zed position of convoys in this Frontier.

117. CominCh Submarine Notices for 5th and 6th of October.

118. Com 15 101427 to CominCh reporting discovery of enemy mine.

119. Hydro 101750 to all concerned with QJH messages reporting an enemy mine Atlantic approach to Panama Canal.

120. NOB GTMO 102750 to Com TENTH Fleet C. and R. reporting convoy sailing of GAT-92.

121. Com 15 102039 to CominCh reporting two enemy mines exploded in sweeping a designated position and diversion of shipping to five miles west of regular swept channel.

122. ComPanSeaFron 111449 to all commands concerned with QJ messages reporting area of indicated enemy mines.

123. NOB GTMO 112123 to Commander, 10th Fleet (Com TENTH Fleet) C. and R. part 2 of his 102018 regarding convoy sailing of GAT-92.

124. VAN BRAKEL 121235 to NOB GTMO, CAFAC and NOB Trinidad reporting detachment of certain ships.

125. ComPanSeaFron 131536 to all ships and authorities interested in QJ messages reporting emergency sweeping operations in the vicinity of Panama Canal approach Atlantic side.

126. CTF 25 131559 to Radio Balboa and Radio Washington reporting his OpPlan 2-43 effective at 0001 15 October.

127. Chart showing relative position of GAT-92, DR track of USS DORADO, track of USS DORADO given pilot of plane No. 210-P-9, and estimated position where attack was made on unidentified submarine, and where a second submarine was contacted later. Chart prepared by Commander C. L. Carpenter, Court Navigator.

128. NOB GTMO 101411 to CTU 04.1.1 USS NOURMAHAL and HNMS JAN VAN BRAKEL reporting NG-390 becoming GAT-92 and designating the rendezvous.

129. PD New York 041900 to Com TENTH Fleet C. and R. reporting convoy sailing of NG-390.

130. Chart showing respective positions of USS DORADO and Convoy GAT-92 re: night of 12 October prepared by NOB GTMO.

131. Copy of CominCh airmailgram 312049 October.

132. Copy of message 032250 November.

133. Master check-off list of replies received to airmailgram 312049.

134. Copy of CominCh 082101 to USS CHEMUNG.

135. Bureau of Ordnance memorandum re color of German and American machine gun tracer ammunition.

136. Bureau of Ordnance memorandum re: machine gun ammunition furnished USS DORADO.

137. Reply received from USS CHEMUNG to CominCh 082101.

138. Commander Task Force 25 (CTF 25) Operation Order 150-43 dtd 30 September 1943. This is the order that the Commanding Officer of DORADO took out of his safe, opened and read just prior to departing Groton sub base. This was his official orders telling him to report for duty in Pearl Harbor, HI and the route he needed to take to arrive there by a certain date.

139. CTF 25 message no. 041914. This was the ALNAV (All Navy) Submarine Notice that imposed bombing and attack restrictions around USS DORADO.

140. Photocopied articles of Submarine DORADO Loss from various newspapers.

141. Letter from law offices of Dorsey, Brannon & Dorsey requesting that I terminate all further correspondence with John Thonen.

142. "Report Cards" on John Thonen and Don Wheeler from Submarine School, New London, CT; both shown graduating 14 June 1943. Complete with grades and class standings. Shows Thonen attending extra course as Quartermaster/Signals.

143. Spreadsheet calculating U-boat distance traveled and speeds based on logbook lat/long entries (10 pages).

144. Newspaper article from Washington Times dtd August 27, 1993, entitled "Cramped space, stench hinder removal of U-boat’s torpedoes". Describes trying to remove torpedoes from U-534, recently raised from a muddy bottom off Denmark. (with photograph).

145. Copies of aircraft logbook entries for January and February 1972 from Bob Woll. (Flying in and around site of spotted submarine wreckage).

146. Article entitled "The Mystery of the U.S.S. Dorado (SS-248)" by Edward Rumpf written in the April 1985 issue of Weapons and Warfare magazine. Contains factual errors.





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